Become Financially Free in 2 Years:


Complete these Simple 28-Steps to Reach Over $1Million...



First 10 Steps = $5.12


First 20 Steps  = $5,242


Complete All 28 Steps = $1,342,177


From: George


RE: Becoming Financially Free with Me!


What is Financial Freedom? Having the Time and Money to do what you want, when you want it without worrying about a Paycheck (or work). It’s a Goal many of us have, but few ever reach or actually stick to – it’s not easy. So how does one become Financially Free (or a Millionaire)?


Unless your plan is winning the lottery, it takes a logical system and commitment to that system.  In other words - You need to be on a path that leads you to your financial freedom, and you need to stay on that path until you get there.  But one thing becoming financially free doesn't have to be is complicated.  It's quite simple if you do the Math...


It Takes 28-Steps to Reach Financial Freedom (Over $1Million!)


What if I told you there is a simple, predictable and systematic way to get your Financial Freedom?


It doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge, and you can start regardless of your current financial situation – All it requires is your Commitment, and a willingness to stick to it for up to 2 Years...


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“Millionaires By George” Is a Community of like-minded people taking a Step-By-Step journey to Financial Freedom. Together, we follow a predictable 28-Step Program while encouraging each other and sharing all the secrets and short cuts that help us complete each Step faster.


“Millionaires By George” works by setting Financial Steps you must complete, at the same time giving you “Answers” to complete each Step...


Get the Answer to Each Money-Step in Advance! (How it Works)


It Takes 28-Steps to reach $1,342,177 – and you'll have someone helping you Step-By-Step, every single Step of the way! Here's how it works: Each Step requires you to Double your money, and comes with specific Instructions on how to do it. Once you complete a Step, you unlock the “Answer” for how to complete your next Step. From Step 1 to 28, the program looks like this...


First 10 Goals = 90Days
Second 10 Goals = 1 Year Last 8 Steps = 1 Year  (Reach 1 Million in 2 Years)
Goal 1 = $0.01 Goal 11 = $10.24   Goal 21 = $10,485.76
Goal 2 = $0.02 Goal 12 = $20.48   Goal 22 = $20,971.52
Goal 3 = $0.04 Goal 13 = $40.96   Goal 23 = $41,943.04
Goal 4 = $0.08 Goal 14 = $81.92   Goal 24 = $83,886.08
Goal 5 = $0.16 Goal 15 = $163.84   Goal 25 = $167,772.16
Goal 6 = $0.32 Goal 16 = $327.68   Goal 26 = $335,544.32
Goal 7 = $0.64 Goal 17 = $655.36     Goal 27 = $671,088.64
Goal 8 = $1.28 Goal 18 = $1,310.27  
  Goal 28 = $1,342,177.20
Goal 9 - $2.56 Goal 19 = $2,621.44    
Goal 10 = $5.12  Goal 20 = $5,242.88        You are a Millionaire in 2 Years!


Personal "Goal Worksheet" in PDF:  Download it Here (Click Here)


To simplify this System further, you can look at it in 3 Stages.  Each stage is an important part of the process - as you go from developing commitment and skills, to earning real money to the final Stage of working towards the Goal of Financial Freedom...


Steps 1 - 10:  This is the Commitment Stage - it develops the habits of sticking to each step and builds the skills/knowledge required for later steps.  It's also a chance to have fun while playing with small money, and get on a roll as you build confidence getting over challenges (this is the easiest stage of the system).


 Steps 11 - 20:  The Making Money Stage - when you actually start seeing real money as a result of following "Millionaires By George".  This is where you gain the knowledge and experience.  By Step 15 you're at $163, which turns into $1,310 by Step 18...By this time you are dealing with real money, and investing it into efforts that teach you the real life financial skills you need. 


Steps 21 - 28:  The Home Stretch - this is the part of the program where financial freedom is in sight.  By now you will have the commitment, skills and expertise to tackle the next 8 Steps.  At Step 23, you're already at $43,943 - when you make it this far, this system will already be "worth it" in every sense of the word.



Remember: “Millionaires By George” is a community of People all following the same steps. So there are always people further along in the program than you, that can help.  Think of it as trying to solve a long Math problem together with a class of people, while the answers to each part of the problem are provided to you.


This is NOT MLM or a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme.


You are NOT required to sign up other members, or sell any kind of products nor does “Millionaires By George” promise you large sums of money in extremely short periods of time. It’s a personal program all about you. All that’s required is that you follow the program Step-By-Step, and stick to it so you can actually reach your Financial Freedom. It’s Simple:


1. Sign-Up to “Millionaires By George”

2. Start with Step-1

3. Get to Step-28 (Financial Freedom)


There are no tricks, catches or gimmicks. It’s a simple, predictable and systematic way to get your Financial Freedom...And we are here to help every step of the way!


Join Our Community Now!

Just $5 / Month


IMPORTANT: You can download the 28 step - 2 Year Schedule (see the math yourself). The $5 per Month Membership grants you access to all the “Answers” to pass each Money-Step. It also allows you to join a community of people following the same steps, as well as Support to get through some of the obstacles you may face. The Benefits of Joining "Millionaires By George" are:


       1.  Develop commitment to Financial Planning and Thinking

       2.  Learn Real-Life business and financial skills

       3.  Receive Help and Guidance when being "stuck"

       4.  One-on-One Help from George (Me)

       5.  Answers to Each Step to Financial Freedom


Want to make it fun? Pick a partner and create a competition who can become a millionaire first! Play it with your kids or grandkids and give them a gift of knowledge about money that they will keep for life.


 Could This be Your New Career?


Here’s a challenge for you! Could you live on $171,000 a year before tax’s? If so I want to pose a possibility for you as your new role for the rest of your life.


Imagine when you complete all 28 steps (2 years from today) and then, you DONATED 1 Million dollars to your favorite charity.


That would leave you 342,177. If you divide that amount into 2, that gives you  $171,088 a year to live on for the next two years before tax’s. Play the game again and earn another $1,342,177 in two years and again donate another million to your favorite charity;  and do this for the rest of your life!


Can this be your motivation to get started immediately? Become financially free and then help others for the rest of your life? I hope so.


Join Our Community Now!

Just $5 / Month


Monthly Plan - $5 Month

Invest 16 Cents a day to become a millionaire in 2 years

$ 5.00

/ 1 month

Invest $5.00 a month to become a millionaire.  Set your goal to be a millionaire using the 2 year plan and it is only $0.16 cents a day!


Yearly plan - 2 Months Free

Get 2 Months Free

$ 50.00

/ 1 year

Save $10 off the annual investment of $60 so you only invest $50.

Buy a subscription for your child, grandchild or a friend in need.


Disclaimer: does not provide any guarantee you or anyone using this program will reach a million dollars or any amount of money. The process is new and therefore, there are not any participants that have reached the 28th goal or a million dollars. Once people begin to reach the millionaire status it will be documented on the website. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time.



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