Here's the Process to Become a Millionaire

In 2 Years or Less...

 AND - You CAN'T Use Your OWN Money - Isn't that COOL...

(Hint: It's a Brand New Approach to Wealth Never Seen Before)

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Are You Surprised at Such a Bold Claim?

So Was Everybody Else I Told...Man, Everybody was Skeptical,

Even My Family!

 Everyone Said "It Sounds Great"

But Asked: Are You a Millionaire Yet?

I Said "No Silly-Not Yet - But I Will Be" - And they Said Prove it!

So I Had to Take Their Challenge and Prove to the Skeptics that it Works


So I started with designing a personal 2 Year Roadmap (That Anybody Can Follow) that guides me step by step. Once I got started and got to step 14, I ran into some distractions that slowed me down (Divorce, new job, new house...You know, minor things lol) so to keep my sanity, I decided to take a break for one year and fix up a house.  Now I am back on track and my plan is to complete step 28 by December 31, 2018 which will have taken me 3 years instead of 2 but that's O.K. by me...) 


Now, here's a test for you.  Take your age and add 2 years from today, and ask yourself 'how would your life be different if you had BOTH $1,342,177.20 hard cash in the bank, AND the Knowledge to do it over and over again whenever YOU wanted too...!'  How would THAT FEEL?


Spend a moment and Really create a visual of what would be different in your life and what would that day, 2 years from today, look like, if you were financially Free...Can you See it?  Can You Feel it?  What would you be doing differently. If you can't see it, think about if you won the lottery, what would you be doing?  Luckily Everyone can win at this game.  MY goal is to end financial poverity in the world for those that will trust and take action. All it takes is a decision and everybody has the gift to make a decision.


Or will you still be EXACTLY where you are financially today, feeling sick to your stomach wishing you took action 2 years ago.


My Update: Now I Only Have 8 Steps (Out of 28) Left to Become a Millionaire...!


I started With Step 1 (Feb 4th 2017) where I found a penny on the ground at a toll booth and picked it up...(Completion of Step 1), and double it 19 times and Now I Am On


Step 20 of 28 - (As of July 11, 2020)

 (Note: Working on a building a new product to sell online that could cover steps 20-45 or 25 - very excited about that)

(Step 20 is to double from $5,200 to $10,400 and I am up to $9,550 currently)


Sneek Preview of An Answer in the Software: How Did I Go From Step 19 ($2500) to Over $5,000...


I reached this goal by purchasing YETI "Like" cups for $10 each and selling


them on Ebay and Amazon for $25.  Using the profits to buy more!


When You Become a Subscriber We Tell You How Everybody Else Completed the Step You are About to Start - Read More Below! 


Now I have 8 more steps to go and am on track to reach


My goal of $1,342,177 By December 31, 2021 



My Step 21 is at   Please check it out...



So What About You and Your Financial Future?


What Will It Take For You To Get Started and

Change your Financial Life?


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Heres the Scoop How

"You Don't Use Your Own Money"!   

Have you ever found a penny laying on the ground? Did you pick it up?  If you did, you already completed 2 of the 4 steps to becoming a millionaire.  Step 3 is having a belief system that supported the idea that you could turn a penny into a million dollars, but since you have never done it, nor heard of anyone else who has done it, your brain has a belief that it can't be done so don't try.  So step 3 is change that internal belief on a subconcious level (the 1st 10 steps does that automatcially without you even noticing) and Step 4 is if you knew "HOW" to do it, or you were told how to do it you could just copy what worked for them and get the same result, RIGHT!

Well that is the secret of because it gives you all the answeres.

Just so you know, there are "No Special Skills Required to Get Started". You learn as you go by folling a step by step progress. 

Note:This is NOT a “get rich quick scheme” or MLM scam.  In fact, all the real money comes at the last 2 steps.  All the other steps are your training and practicing.

I recommend you follow the 2 year roadmap (which allows you to do it part time just like me).  Spend as little as 15 -30 Minutes per day – Although the more time/effort you put in, the faster you learn and earn over $1Million!  If you want me to personally coach you, while I am completing the program myself, just send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will be there to help every step of the way! 

From: George


Hi, so here's the quick summary how it works. 
Have you ever found a penny, picked it up, and turned it into a million dollars? I bet you said not Yet...
Humm!  Did you know that if you double a penny just 28 times, it mathimatically equals $1,342,177 and you would be a millionaire right now...(see the math chart down below). The great part it's not too late for you to start and change your financial future forever with this new program!


        (Phase 1)

     First 3 Months              

          (Phase 2)

       End of Year 1                       

       (Phase 3)

      Second year                

               (Day 1 - 90)                    (Day 91 - 365)              (Day 366 - 730)
Step 1 = $.01 Step 11 = $10.24 Step 21 $10,485.76
Step 2 = $.02 Step 12 = $20.48 Step 22 = $20,971.52
Step 2 = $.04 Step 13 = $40.96 Step 23 = $41,943.04
Step 4 = $.08 Step 14 = $81.92 Step 24 = $83,886.08
Step 5 = $.16 Step 15 = $163.84 Step 25 = $167,772.16
Step 6 = $.32 Step 16 = $327.68 Step 26 = $335,544.32
Step 7 = $.64 Step 17 = $655.36 Step 27 = $671,088.64
Step 8 = $1.28 Step 18 = $1,310.72 Step 28 = $1,342,177.28
Step 9 = $2,56 Step 19 = $2,621.44  
Step 10 = $5.12 Step 20 - $5,242.88  
When I ask people have you every found a penny lying on the ground and did you pick it up?  Everyone says yes.  Then I ask so why didn't you turn a penny into a million dollars? What stopped you?  This is where they got stuck. 
They didn't know. But I discovered the real reason and this progam fixes it.  Here's the answer: You don't (yet) have an internal belief system that empowers you to believe you can and then you don't know how to do it. Fix these two issues and you unleash the power within to change your life.  Here's more details.


1) Change Your existing belief system: Your current belief system has never experienced turned a penny into a million dollars before, so it blocks you and you don't even try.  On the other hand, if you HAD turned a penny into a million dollars before, would it be easy to do it a second time?  Hopefully you said YES because you have already proved you can do it and know how you did it. 


2)  If somebody told you exactly what to do and how to double a penny 28 times, and you took the effort and action to follow through, you could do the process of doubling a penny again and make another million dollars, right?  As an example, what if Warren Buffett told you EXACTLY how to buy real estate (what to do, who to talk to, what to say etc.) and then took all his knowledge of what worked for him, wouldn't your chances of being successful at buying real estate increase dramatically?  And when you did it the first time, would it be easy the second time?  Of course!


That is exactly what happens within System. A new belief system is formed on a subconcious level around step 10 (which is $5.12) and forms a new belief. Previously your brain wouldn't even consider you could take a penny and make a million dollars, but after doubling successfully 10 times in a row, your brain has the proof and will never every ever question "can it double". Then the new question becomes "How" do I double at each longer worrying IF you can double; make sense?  This is where the MillionairesByGeorge secret changes everything for you and puts you on a path to success! 


The Answer: Built into the software of is a process where everytime you double your money (as an example finding your penny is step 1 and then double it to 2 cents is step 2) then you enter into your account exactly how you either found your penny or doubled your money.  Your answer is added to the bank of answers for that step you just completed, BUT THEN THE SOFTWARE OPENS UP AND AS A PAY IT FORWARD PROCESS, SHOWS YOU ALL THE ANSWERS FROM EVERYBODY AHEAD OF YOU, HOW THEY COMPLETED THE STEP YOU ARE ABOUT TO START!


So here is my question:  If I gave you a 28 questions quiz, but gave you the answer to each question before you had to answer the question...Could you Pass? Well I would HOPE SO!

wad of money

So there is the secret to the system.  The nice part is you and I can do it at our own pace part time or full time.  I recommend a 2 year part time program that anyone can do. Download the worksheet here to see the roadmap for 2 years. is a every growing community of people that are sharing their proven results with those behind them and therefore are rewarded with the answer to there next step from the people ahead of them.  It is a true pay it forward program where everybody wins!


  I get asked the question often if I developed this process myself? My reply is Yes I did.  I believe this is a revolutionary financial breakthrough that anyone can follow using the step by step process and change their financial future forever. 


My Disclaimer: There are no implied, expressed or guarantees you or anyone will complete all 28 steps.  You have control of that. In addition, this is NOT financial advice or any legal advice. 


Currently, the investment is $5 a month to be part of the community.  As more and more people join or the first millionaire is made, then the price will increase ssubstantially. The early birds get a fantastic break.



Snapshot:  Invest $110 and 30 minutes a day for 2 years and you end up with both the knowledge of how to do it again, AND the real cash in hand.


 'Here is a good analogy:  Why get an MBA when you can have a MBG?  With an MBA you spend 2 years working full time, spend about $100,000 and then have a title that hopefully will help you start making more money.  With an MBG, you spend the same amount of time (2 Years) work part time instead of full time and in two years you have over a million dollars.  Now understand, with both an MBA and an MBG, there is no guarantee you will become a millionaire but you can decide which might be better for you.  After 2 years you have the money and knowledge to do it again or the opportunity to get a job and make more money sometime in the future.'
Want a deeper understanding?  Here's the simple secret...Every millionaire has made their millions by doing ONE THING...


Researching and understanding what the value of something is, buying it for less, and then selling it for more...called profit. When you MASTER this skill, by following the 28 steps in the MBG system, you can become a millionaire. Note: once you master the skill and become a millionaire then you can do it over and over again.


"The secret you learn from this website is how to determine what the market value is of something in advance, and how to buy it for less and sell it for more. We start with finding a penny and then double it 28 times (in small increments) and that equals over a Million Dollars...See the chart below.


How does it work?  With every step you complete, you are shown how everybody else ahead of you completed the step you are about to start before you start!  Having the answers in advance is the secret.


So you simply copy what worked for the people ahead of you and duplicate it.  You do that for every step as you become more and more competent at learning the value of things and keep raising the dollar value until you break the 1 Million dollar mark."


So here is the million dollare question:  If You were given a 28 question quiz, but given the answer to the question before you had to answer it, could you pass? Well I Would Hope So!!! 



 GOT IT...Pretty Cool, and YES You Can Do it!


So How do YOU Think About Money? Are your current belief systems blocking you?


For most of us MONEY = FREEDOM. We all want the freedom to work on our terms, travel the world, live in a beautiful mansion, drive nice cars and make our loved ones lives better. Money affords this Freedom – and in the process of trying to attain this freedom we try and fail to make money in all kinds off complex, difficult, and unrealistic ways. I've been there and done it all...


From dead-end jobs, to failed business ventures, to wasting money on patents and developing unrealistic products. I've even bought my fair share of lottery tickets – Which are mathematically one of the most unlikely ways for you to become rich and attain financial freedom. That got me thinking. What is the math behind getting rich?


There I Was – Pursuing multiple careers, investing money in my education, and starting complex business ventures to try to make money without getting any closer to my goal of financial freedom. I was trying anything and everything to make money, But I Never Actually Focused on the Money Itself...



The basic principles of doubling a penny (not even using compounding interest) turns the normally daunting, and intimidating task of making $1,000,000 into something more simple and manageable...Like transforming Mount Everest into a Set of Stairs. 28 Steps is definitely a lot easier than counting to a million 1-by-1. Image when you get to step 14 and you are gaining traction.  The feeling and new belief system you have is incredible - With your new belief system and knowledge, you now know what you are doing, because you know the answer to each step.


How do You Turn $80 into $160, $160 into $320,

$320 into $640 - Until You Get to $1Million?


That's the point of this website! While the basics of doubling give you clear money goals you have a step by step process where you can achieve, and cuts the daunting task of making over $1,000,000 down to size – This website provides you with the answers to each money goal (i.e actually doubling your money in real life until you reach over $1Million).

Introducing ‘Millionaires By George” Your Path to Financial Freedom



“Millionaires By George” is Website that is designed to guides you to reach Financial Freedom by breaking the Process Down into 28 Simple Goals, while providing you the Answers to Achieve Each Money Goal every Step of The Way. In addition to the answers provided by “Millionaires By George” inside the members area, our Members regularly submit their own solutions and methods to achieving each Money Goal.
As our membership grows, so does the number of different ways to reach each Money Goal (the number of ways to Double Your Money grows every month!) To show you How This Works – Here are a few Member Submitted solutions for some of the first Money Goals...


Monthly Plan - $5 Month

Invest 16 Cents a day to become a millionaire in 2 years

$ 5.00

/ 1 month

Invest $5.00 a month to become a millionaire.  Set your goal to be a millionaire using the 2 year plan and it is only $0.16 cents a day!


2 Year plan - 2 Months Free

Enjoy 2 Months Free

$ 110.00

/ 2 years

Save $10 off the 2 Year investment of $120 so you only invest $110.

Buy a subscription for your child, grandchild or a friend in need.





 So there you go!  Check back and track my progress to reach the millionaire status in the blue box at the top of the page
Or start yourself. 
Just FYI, you can start on your own with the knowledge you have already. 
If you want more details continue reading below;




Here are some sample answers from the program:


Money Goal/Step 6: We turned 16 cents into 32 cents by selling a set of magic markers on ebay.


2/16/15 4:17pm.Yesterday I was out purchasing supplies for my job and ran across sun flower seeds to plant. Remembering the owner of the property expressed interest in having a few plants I purchased the seeds for the job. I then, bought $0.16 worth of seeds from the pact and today sold them to a friend who has two young children that have been very creative and their interests are varied. I encouraged her to buy them for $0.32 and split them up to give to her kids and told her how to best go about planting. Piece of cake!


Money Goal/Step 7: Bought a pack of gum for 32 cents and sold it for 1 dollar.


2/26/15 1:10pm.This morning I happened to stop by a yard sale which is my least favorite thing to do. However, I had in mind to achieve my goal of turning $0.32 into $0.64 today. As I walked up I immediately spotted a finger towel with a witty saying on it for $0.50. I pulled $0.32 out of my special change purse and asked if they would accept that and without hesitation the deal was made. My next task was to drive to a friends house and convince her that the towel was so much apart of her character and asked if she would buy it from me for $0.64 and the deal was done. I should add the towel was brand new. Loving the game of life experience!


Money Goal/Step 8: Bought a "Sharpie" marker for .64 and sold it for $1.50.


3/28/15 2:10pm. Went to the flea market with no idea what I was going to buy for $0.64 but kept saying to self $0.64 over and over but with the knowledge that I had to sell it for $1.28. Additionally, I was thinking who I would resell it to at the same time. I stumbled onto lighters that were being sold for $0.50 a piece. Quick thinking I reached into my pouch and pulled out $0.64 and made an offer to the woman that was swarming down on me at lightening speed. I sold her on the idea that I really needed the two lighters but only had $0.64 and because of my earnest need for two she said yes. Met my friend for lunch today whose husband smokes and this I knew, told her I got a deal at the flea market and would she buy the two lighters from me for $1.28. Deal was made and I'm moving to the next step. Good luck!


All of the Members above Started With $0.01


They chose to play the game from the start, try it out while having fun and building the discipline to keep moving forward 1 Money Goal at a time. Others choose to start higher ($80, $200, $300 etc.) - you can start low and take your time, or high and try to achieve each Money Goal as soon as humanly possible. Its all up to you, Either Way...


We Give You the Answers to Achieve Each “Money Goal” -

And Double Your Money Every Time!


Of course not everyone is excited about selling a marker for $1.50, to make a $0.96 Profit. After all – this Website is about Becoming a Millionaire, with the Goal of Having $1,342,177 in Your Bank Account. Thats why as you Play “Millionaires By George” and progress, the “Answers” to each Money Goal get more and more Profitable. Many of the “Answers” or solutions to achieving the later Money Goals business opportunities all by themselves, and great ways to earn Large Part-Time income...


Nike Air

Money Goal/Step 14: Turn $81.92 into $163.84. Answer: Buy Running Shoes at Wholesale Price, Sell for Profit.


We'll provide you with a Reliable list of Wholesale Suppliers for Brand Name (Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc.) Running Shoes and Apparel that can be re-sold at a high Profit-Margin. While providing you with the Best Online Markets to Sell your products, and simple methods of doing it on your own. This knowledge alone will allow you to run an Online Store / Business thats Sells in-demand products that practically “Sell Themselves”.


Money Goal/Step 21: Turn $10,486 into $20,971.

Answer: Buy Used Car at Dealer Auction Price, Sell for High Profit Margin


We teach you how to Buy late model Used Cars at Extremely Low Dealer Prices (Up to 70% Below Market Value!) and Quickly R red ferrari slide 16e-Sell them with effective Ads on various auto related websites. Our sources for Dealer Auctions will allow you to purchase high quality, in-demand vehicles at extremely low prices - then make Large Chunks of Money for every car you sell. When you Sell a Car, you're dealing with thousands of dollars – so Every Sale is BIG:


If you had a way to turn $10,000 into $20,000 Every Time – How Many Times Would You Do It?


Money Goal/Step 23: Turn $41,943 into $83,886. Answer: Short Term Real Estate Development in Emerging Market


“Global Arbitrage” Allows You to take Advantage of Emerging Economies around the whole World – Countries

maui beach

that are Hungry for Foreign Investment, and Ripe with amazing opportunities. There are places where Real-Estate in desirable locations can be had for $20,000 - $40,000 and renovated / improved locally for a fraction of the material costs and worker wages it costs in Western nations. The properties can then be “flipped” or resold to western home buyers looking for holiday homes. We give you a list of the Safest Nations to invest in, as well as the needed strategies and resources to pull it off.


So while the initial Goals are there to build the discipline, and basic business fundamentals of “flipping” products and generating profit – Completing the later Goals will generate large sums of “real world” money that have positive effects on your lifestyle.


Completing Each “Goal” Teaches You An Independent,

Self-Sufficient Way to Make Money


Each and everyone of the later “Goals” is a real-world business opportunity in itself.


For example: in Goal 14, you'll acquire contacts and resources for wholesale suppliers of brand name shoes and apparel, which you can sell for profit – enabling you to start an Online Shoe Store...or move on to the next Goal (which is more profitable). The same principle applies to the other Goals, like Goal 21 for example – buying and reselling several luxury vehicles per year can earn a 6 Figure income on part-time hours, and a highly profitable business to get into.


Things You'll Learn:


- Buying Cars at Dealer Prices / Reselling them for Large Profit


- Foreign Real-estate Investment and Short Term Profiting


- Online Real-Estate (Buying and Selling Websites / digital property)


- Reliable short-term Sports Betting Systems (work to minimize risk / maximize profit with deep analysis)


- Profiting from the Sale of Special Skills / Knowledge Online (Both personal and outsourced skills / services)


Other BIG Benefits of Joining:


- Be a Part of a Like Minded Community – With the Collective GOAL of Helping Each-other to Making Money.


- Move Forward and Make Money Everyday – At Your Own Pace: as Fast or Slow as You Like.


- Gain the Financial Discipline and Commitment Required to Become Financially Free


- Receive One-On-One Guidance and Help When “Stuck” on a Goal


- Experience and “dabble” in a Wide Range of Profitable Business Opportunities


- Turn Money, Business and Financial Freedom into An Enjoyable Game You Play


- Attain Financial Freedom Step-By-Step, one “Money Goal” at a time!


So if you're serious about achieving the Goal of having Financial Freedom, and have a genuine desire to get started right away - “Millionaires By George” was created with You and other People like You in mind. This Website is NOT about: telling you to save more, long term investments, career opportunities or “secret” ways to become rich overnight...


This Website is About 1 Thing Only: Doubling Your Money,


Over and Over Again Until You Reach Your Financial Goal of $1,342,177 in Your Pocket.


And to make it a “No-Brainer” it comes with an Unconditional 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee...


GUARANTEE:The “Millionaires By George” Program comes with a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. That means you can Join the program, try it out for 30 full days – and if you don’t see the results promised, or decide that its not for you – just send a refund request by email and you will receive a 100% refund. So if you Don't Make Money with the Steps outlines inside the members area, or Simply “don't like it” – you get your Money Back, plain and simple.
IMPORTANT: We are not interested in ripping anyone off, or making you pay for something you don’t like – That is why I ALWAYS honor my 100% Guarantee. I want you to be comfortable, and rest assured that is offer is risk-free. So go ahead and Sign-Up for...


Only $5 Per Month!

>>Order Form<<


To Your Financial Freedom,



PS: Its only $5! Here are some Things that Cost More - Socks, T-Shirt, School, Phone bills etc. Don’t hesitate, join today! You'll always have the 100% Guarantee, so you can get a refund or cancel any time you like!


Monthly Plan - $5 Month

Invest 16 Cents a day to become a millionaire in 2 years

$ 5.00

/ 1 month

Invest $5.00 a month to become a millionaire.  Set your goal to be a millionaire using the 2 year plan and it is only $0.16 cents a day!


2 Year plan - 2 Months Free

Enjoy 2 Months Free

$ 110.00

/ 2 years

Save $10 off the 2 Year investment of $120 so you only invest $110.

Buy a subscription for your child, grandchild or a friend in need.



Disclaimer: does not provide any guarantee you or anyone using this program will reach a million dollars or any amount of money. The process is new and therefore, there are not any participants that have reached the 28th goal or a million dollars. Once people begin to reach the millionaire status it will be documented on the website. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time.


This is NOT MLM or a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme. You are NOT required to sign up other members, or sell any kind of products nor does “Millionaires By George” promise you large sums of money in extremely short periods of time. It’s a personal program all about you. All that’s required is that you follow the program Step-By-Step, and stick to it so you can actually reach your Financial Freedom.