Invest (Only 16 Cents a Day + Your Time) and Become a Millionaire in 2 Years

(Follow the 2 Year Plan and Complete 28 Simple Steps )

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Join the membership site that guides you through a system of 28 "Time Stamped Goals" to reach $1,342,177.20 in CASH.
Use the 2 Year Roadmap:
Complete the first 10 Goals (Reach $5.12) in 90 Days!
Complete the next 10 Goals(Reach $5,242) in 9 Months!
Complete the last 8 Goals (Reach $1,342,177) in 1 More Year!

(Download the 28 Goals Worksheet for FREE to See the Math)

The Secret:
Get the answer to each Goal BEFORE you start the Goal...Then do it!

Investment $37 and $5 a Month

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What is Financial Freedom?

The answer means different things to different people and in general it means having enough money to do ALL the things you want to do in life without having to worry about where the money will come from...So You always have an abundance of money for all your needs.

Let's be clear - This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is not multi-level marketing (MLM). It is not a system that just hands you wealth. You have to commit to put in time, effort and action. But if you are committed to changing your financial future, you will embrace the journey.

Make it your part time job where you need to show up and get to work.

If you are not in a place where you can make a committment to change your financial future, don't take the journey. But if you want control of your future and are willing to work consistantly (that is why you use time stamped goals) then make a decision, get started and take action. Adopt the attitude that will propel you forward.


Here are a few important questions that can lead you to your new journey:

1) Have you ever found a penny? If you answered Yes, go to question 2.

2) Did you Pick it up? If you answered Yes, go to question 3.

3) Did you turn it into a million dollars or more? If you answered No, continue reading.


98.7% of the people surveyed responded Yes to questions 1 & 2, but 100% responded No to question 3. They had 2 of the 3 answers and they were only missing 3 more little things:

A - They developed the wrong belief system about money (unfortunately at an early age). The system helps change that.

B - Nobody ever told them or showed them how to take a penny and turn it into a million dollars. I bet if they did, many more would have answered Yes to question 3. The system shows you how others completed the goal you are about to start. Take their answer and copy it.

C - They never had access to a system with 28 individual goals to guide them step by step to accomplish each goal. A system that gives them the answer how to complete the goal before they start each goal. You see your progress in accomplishing little goals that add up to big goals and financial freedom.


Now you can. Explore this website and use your own judgement on the merits of the process.

You can download the free 28 goal workbook (see the math yourself) and use the workheet to complete all 28 goals yourself for free if you choose (but most like the fact we give them the answers to each goal before they start the goal). You can complete each goal slower or faster than our recommend time table and that is your choice. It it takes you 3- or 4 years, is that O.K.?

For members we also provide a 'Journey to Financial Freedom' Workbook which is a more detailed accounting of each goal, your time stamped goal and how you accomplished each goal. This a valuble tool to help stay on tract to reach all 28 goals or $1,342,177.20.


Disclaimer: does not provide any guarantees you or anyone using this progam will reach a million dollars or any amount of money. The process is new and therefore, there are not any participants that have reached the 28th goal or a million dollars. Once people begin to reach the millionaire status it will be documented on the website.

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