Millionaires by George.  Where anyone can play a game and dream about making a million. 

george new pic1We are a team with marketing, sales and technical backgrounds that have combined our years of talent to build a game designed to guide anyone to make a million dollars.


Understand, there are no promises, no guarantees or no implied results.


This a game for instructional purposes and is for instructional purposes only.

We encourage everyone to stay engaged in the process until they reach their financial goal. Whether it is goal one to find a penny or goal 28 where they accumulate over a million dollars. The goal is to create an experience where people can begin to change their belief about money and take action to change their financial situation, even by a penny. If they do not take action, nothing happens.




How fast will I get my first Step nstructions after I register?

You will receive your first Step instructions typically within 3 minutes after setting up your monthly billing with PayPal. Note: The system does require you to register AND double opt in.  That means when you register, the system will send you an email to confirm your email is correct and you are not a spammer (spammers not allowed). Once you click on the link to confirm you are a real person at a real email address, you will be able to get started.


How long will it take me to reach a million dollars?

That depends on you and how fast you complete each step!  The first steps go pretty fast if you are actively working each step. For example we challenge you to complete the firsts 10 steps in 90 days which most people can do even part time. That means you will reach $5.12 in 90 days.  Most feel that they can reach step 10 easily in 90 days.. As the step increments get larger, then they take more creativity, time and effort.  You can do mini-steps within steps to help you move through the step quickly.  We also offer many proven examples how to achieve each step before you start.

For example: You could decide to become a millionaire in 2 years (download the 2 year goal plan to see).  Here is how it can be done: Complete the first 10 steps in 90 days. That is, find a penny and double it 10 times (to $5.00) in 3 months. Then decide to complete the next 10 steps in 9 months or less (to $5,242). Then take a year and complete the last 8 steps to over 1.3 Million and keep it.

Here is another comparison:  How long does it take to graduate from College?  4 or more years?  And how much does going to College cost?  $50,000 - $200.000?  And after you finish then you have to make your first penny (and have a lot of debt).  If you decide to use this game and be a millionaire on this day - 2 years from now (or sooner) - that might be a worthy goal for you to set.  Picture yourself 2 years from now...What will the date be?  Create a mental picture if you reached your goal of being a millionaire?  It's all up to you.


Understand that there are no guarantees with this game that you will reach a million dollars or any amount.  The intent of the game is to help you overcome your fears about money and there is no guarantee that it will help you overcome your fears.  Also please note that as the system is launched there are no examples of people that have reached the million dollar mark.  As people progress through the process, we will post updates periodically.

Many people have told us this process makes sense to them.  If you are looking for a sure thing, do not play.  If you are looking for promises to earn a certain amount of money, there are no guarantees.


How much does it cost?

The investment is $5.00 a month.  You cancel any time you want just by going to your PayPal account.   You may also purchase yearly subscriptions for friends family or children as a gift from you.


Can I cancel my agreement at any time?

Yes - Your monthly payment of $5.00 is paid in advance so you pay for the next 30 days.  If you cancel before the 30 days is up, then you are not billed.  You cancel in your PayPal account.  Note just opting out of the program does not cancel your subscription with PayPal.  Instead you must go to your PayPal account.log in, go to your profile, then your subscriptions, and cancel it there.   


How does the system give me the answers?

Have you heard of the "pay it forward" concept?  Each time you submit your answers, it saves you answer in the goal you just finished and your answer becomes part of the database of answers for that goal. The more people that complete the goals, the more answers will be available in the system.  As your reward for providing your answer, you will see all the solutions/answers found by the people ahead of you in the game that is - how they accomplished the goal you are about to work on.  Someone has paid it forward for you just as you will pay it forward for someone else.  All the answers/solutions to the next goal are from others who have already completed that goal, your chances of knowing how to complete the next goal increases dramatically.   All you need to do is copy what they did. This continues for every goal all the way through goal 28 which = $1,342,177.20. How would it feel to have that in your bank!


Are there answers for all 28 goals?

Yes - For each step there are suggestions/answers of how to complete that goal.  As the system grows, top experts will be providing additional ideas on ways to accomplish each goal with proven results from their own experience.  All answes that are generated from the game will be identified so you know they worked for someone else.


Can I skip goals?

Actually you can skip goals!  We do not recommend you skip the first 10 goals. The first 10 goals are critical to your success. We do not recommend skipping steps as that can jepordize your results.  But if you happen to over achieve a goal and you want to skip a goal, here is how you do it. You can insert in your answer for each goal you skip, how you used a previous goal to move forward. For example if you are moving from 2 cents to 4 cents but you were able to convert your 2 cents into 32 cents, you simply state that in the next few steps until you get to step 6.  If you want to offer comments, please send your thoughts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to evaluate your suggestions (good or bad) towards improving the process.  Note: If you skip goals, you have a higher risk of not breaking the internal patterns of fear, doubt, hesitation and procrastination about money.  To understand this better, register for the webinar to hear the explanation of why it is important to play the game one step at a time.


Has anyone made a million dollars yet?

Since everyone starts at the same place (goal 1 - find a penny) it  takes time to go through each goal.  We anticipate it will take approximately 2-3 years at a steady pace.  Some can do it faster, some will take longer.  It is up to the individual how slow or fast they complete each step.  If that seems like a long time, to some it is. To others that is how long it takes to graduate from High School or College.  But you can decide if it is a worthwhile investment or not. Again there are no guarantees that anyone will reach a million.  As a future feature, we intend to have a running competition that lists how many people are at which level to show the results.