How The Game Works:


The aim is to Start the Game with 1 Penny, and double it 28 times to reach $1,342,177.


$0.01 becomes $0.02. $0.02 becomes $0.04, then $0.08, $0.16 etc.



By step 20, your 1 Penny will be “doubled” into $5,242. Each time you “double” your money, you will be learning

new Skills and developing the habits of healthy financial thinking. To help you along the way, we provide ways

(or “Answers”) to each step along the way.


WorkSheet: Click Here to Download the 2 Year Roadmap


The first Steps (or “Goals”) are the easiest, with the Game getting harder as you begin to play with larges sums of money.

Here's are the Steps you'll have to accomplish from the start of the game:


Step 1: Find a Penny.

Step 1 – 2: Turn $0.01 into $0.02

Step 2 – 3: Turn $0.02 into $0.04

Step 3 – 4: Turn $0.04 into $0.08

Step 4 – 5: Turn $0.08 into $0.16

...Step 20 – 21: Turn $5,242 into $10,485...


We tell You “HOW” to Accomplish Each Step - From how to turn $0.01 into $0.02, to how to turn $671,088 into $1,342,177 –

you get the Answers and Guidance you need to “double” your money every step of the way.

To simplify this System further, you can look at it in 3 Stages. Each stage is an important part of the process -

as you go from developing commitment and skills, to earning real money, to the final Stage of working towards the Goal

of Financial Freedom...


Steps 1 – 10: This is the Commitment Stage - it develops the habits of sticking to each step and builds the skills / knowledge required for later steps. Its also a chance to have fun while playing with small money, and get on a roll as you build confidence getting over challenges (this is the easiest stage of the system)


Steps 11 – 20: The Making Money Stage when you actually start seeing real paper money as a result of following “Millionaires By George”. By Step 15 you're at $163, which turns into $1,310 by Step 18...By this time you are dealing with real money, and investing it into efforts that teach real life financial skills.


Steps 21 – 28: The Home Stretchthis is the part of this program where financial freedom is in sight. By now you will have the commitment, skills and experience to tackle the next 8 Steps. At Step 23, you're already at $43,943 – if you make it this far, this system will already be “worth it” in a very real-word sense of the word.


As you play “Millionaires By George” others are playing too, and share their experience for the Steps you are working on completing –

 paving the way for you to emulate their “short-cuts” and success. If you get “stuck” or have problems completing a step, I'll be here to

 help you get “Un-Stuck”. We provide both the Challenge and the Solution.


Download Game Rules


Download “Goals' Worksheet


For questions or Help you can get support at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." style="color: #000000;">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Disclaimer: does not provide any guarantees you or anyone using this progam will reach a million dollars or any amount of money. The process is new and therefore, there are not any participants that have reached the 28th goal or a million dollars. Once people begin to reach the millionaire status it will be documented on the website. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time.

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