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28 Steps to Financial Freedom

The money towards financial freedom



Millionaires By George is a philosophy about money and a set of guidelines designed to help you reach “Financial Freedom.” Your path consists of 28 simple steps, and you are provided with the answers to the question “how do I complete this step?” before you start each step.  Each step is a money goal, and you achieve each money goal one step at a time.  Each time you complete a money goal, the system shows you how all those ahead of you have successfully completed the step you are about to start.  It worked for them, so it will work for you.  You choose the process or method you like the best from the ones that worked for others ahead of you and then duplicate it. This is a personal program; it’s all about you and your success in building your money pool. All that’s required is that you follow the program step-by-step, at your pace (slow, medium or fast) and stick to it so you can actually reach your goal of Financial Freedom.

the 28 Step process

First 30 Days

Step 1                                          $.01

Step 2                                          $.02

Step 3                                          $.04

Step 4                                          $.08

Step 5                                          $.16

Step 6                                          $.32

Step 7                                          $.64

Step 8                                        $1.28

Step 9                                        $2.56

Step 10                                      $5.12

End Of Year 1

Step 11                                    $10.24

Step 12                                    $20.48

Step 13                                    $40.96

Step 14                                    $81.92

Step 15                                 $163.84

Step 16                                 $327.68

Step 17                                 $655.36

Step 18                              $1,310.72

Step 19                              $2,621.44

Step 20                              $5,242.88

Second Year

Step 21                            $10,485.76

Step 22                            $20,971.52

Step 23                            $41,943.04

Step 24                            $83,886.08

Step 25                         $167,772.16

Step 26                         $335,554.32

Step 27                         $671,008.64

Step 28                      $1,342,177.28

4 Principles to Become a Millionaire

The Path is simple. You follow the basic principles of doubling a penny 28 times (not even using compounding interest) which turns the normally daunting, and intimidating task of making  over $1,000,000 into something more simple and manageable…Like transforming Mount Everest into a set of stairs. 28 individual steps are definitely a lot easier to complete than counting to a million 1-by-1. Image when you get to step 10 and you are gaining traction.  By completing the first ten steps within 30 days, your subconscious replaces your old belief that you can’t do it, so don’t try, into yes you can double at any step because you just did it ten times in a row.  As a matter of fact, your brain will never question, “CAN” it double, because it just did it as proof, it now turns to “How” do you double.   You are learning the skill to research what the market will pay for something (from the success of others – click “The Secret” to learn how), then when you have a solid feeling of what the market will pay, then you make offers to purchase the item for less (someone will always sell the item for less due to their individual circumstances) and you sell it for more and roll the profits towards the next step.  By following the 28 steps in the MBG system, you can become a millionaire.  Not only do you have the money in the bank, you have the knowledge to do it over and over again and can teach others!

The secret to your success comes from the design of the software. One of the key reasons people don’t know how to turn a penny (they found lying on the ground) into 1.3 million dollars is they don’t know how. If they knew how, most would find it easy to accomplish. So the software is based on a pay it forward, pay it backwards team and community approach where everyone helps everyone. When you complete a step, you enter your method of how you doubled so the people behind can learn and copy what you did. You share your knowledge. And in return, the software shows you all the answers from the people ahead of you, how they completed the step you are about to start. So you get to see the different ways they successfully completed the step you are about to start. Makes sense correct… Finding the penny is step one. Then double it 28 times (in small increments) and that equals over a Million Dollars…See the chart above. Having the answers in advance is the secret. So you simply copy what worked for the people ahead of you and duplicate it. You do that for every step as you become more and more competent at learning the value of things and keep raising the dollar value until you break the 1 Million dollar mark.
  • Steps 1-10  gets you to $5.12 and most things you use to double up to steps 10,11 or 12 are found at yard sales.  This phase subconsciously replaces your old beliefs about doubling your money and begins the practice of understanding the value of items at very small increments.  We created a challenge for free to see if you can double a penny in 30 days and get to $5.12. When you do this, your brain will never question can it double at any amount, and the brain shifts to how do I double.  You have to stay active and engaged, but make it fun!  Now you are ready for steps 10-20.
  • Steps 10-20 is where the deep learning is developed.  As you start learning how others completed the steps you are about to start, you start learning how to buy larger ticket items and “practice” the skill of researching the value of items that the market will pay, and buying them for less and selling them for more. You practice this skill over and over again and during these steps, and very quickly you “Master” the skill by doing it over and over again.
  • The last 8 steps are where you run for the money!  You now have the belief you can double at any amount, you have practiced the skill many times and now have the confidence to tackle the big steps.  Real Estate, Boats, exotic cars, jewelry, private airplanes and the list go on and on, all the while increasing your  profit and using that to go to bigger steps.  Once you have reached the understanding of how to do it, you can do it over and over again and teach others.

There are two ways to get started.  Sign up for a month to month program for $5 a month and we encourage you to challenge yourself to complete steps 1-10 in  30 days and with only $5 monthly (month to month basis – you can cancel at any time –  but who would…)  Or if you are ready to get started and you are committed to changing your financial future, it is an investment of $48 for a year (and get a 20% discount) to be part of the community. As more and more people join or the first millionaire is made, then the price will increase substantially. The early birds get a fantastic break. Just so you know, there are “No Special Skills Required to Get Started”. You learn as you go by following a step by step progress. This is NOT a “get rich quick scheme” or MLM scam. In fact, all the real money comes at the last few steps. All the other steps are your training and practicing. Researching and understanding what the value of something is, buying it for less, and then selling it for more…called profit.


Be a Part of a Like Minded Community – With the Collective GOAL of Helping Each-other to Making Money.

Move Forward and Make Money Everyday – At Your Own Pace: as Fast or Slow as You Like.

Gain the Financial Discipline and Commitment Required to Become Financially Free

Receive One-On-One Guidance and Help When “Stuck” on a Goal

Experience and “dabble” in a Wide Range of Profitable Business Opportunities. New adventures every day!

Turn Money, Business and Financial Freedom into An Enjoyable Game You Play. Play it with Family, Teach your kids so they become financially free at a young age

Our Methodology

Have you ever found a penny laying on the ground? Did you pick it up? If you did, you already completed the 1st step to becoming a millionaire. Next, you need a belief system that supports the idea that you could turn a penny into a million dollars, but unfortunately, since you have never done it, nor heard of anyone else who has turned a penny into a million dollars, your brain has a strong belief that it can’t be done so it says don’t try and if you do it will self sabotage you and keeping you from completing it. The 1st 10 steps are designed to erase and replace the belief system so you have a new belief to support your success. Then we give you “The Secret” to succeed. All you have to do is take action and follow the process. The 1st step to taking action is to “Decide”. Making that decision will change your financial life.