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Advertise With Millionaires by George

Promote Your Product and Solutions to a captive Audience Who is excited to be part of the MBG to move towards financial freedom

The goal is to match your products and solutions to the members as they can use your solutions to help them move through each step of the MBG process. If your product can assist, then this is an excellent vehicle to invest your marketing dollars. See below for the advantages.

Awesome Benefits

It is a community based, personal financial growth tool and process. Marketing to a captive audience of buyers.

28 points- 28 Levels to Advertize

The benefit of advertising within the Millionaires By George system is we have 28 different price points that the users go through Where they see your product at the price level they are working on.


You can choose which price points you can have your advertising posted and the frequency

Increase Your Sales

By placing your ads in the correct sections or to the whole database, you have a targeted group of people that would be interested in your products and services to increase your exposure, sales and repeat sales.


Ads will be rotated on the pages to keep the content fresh.

Price Value

You can advertise in just one or many steps depending on the price or value of your product.

Advance their knowledge

There is an opportunity for product and service owners to either sell to the users, or offer products to them to advance their knowledge to move through the 28 step processes

Our Pricing

Choose Your Plan

The rates and frequency will correspond with the pricing. The advertising puts your product or service in front of the users with a URL link to your offer. NO warranties or commitments are provided that anyone would click on your link or purchase your products or services.  The value of your ad and how it answers the question to the user of “what’s in it for them” will  have an impact on your results.

30 Day Free Challenge

$ 5
30 Days free the $5 Month
  • Take the 30 day free challenge. Find a penny and double it 10 times to reach $5.12 - Bet You can!

1 Year Discounted Plan

$ 48
20% Discount
  • If you are committed and ready to go! Take advantage of the 20% discount over the next years.
Portrait of minded, suited man standing crossed hands over blackboard. money concept

To Learn more and be contacted by one of our marketing support managers, fill in the form below.