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How It works

Where anyone can play a game, dream, and
take action to make a million.


1 - Commitment Stage

It develops the habits of sticking to each step and builds the skills / knowledge required for later steps. Its also a chance to have fun while playing with small money, and get on a roll as you build confidence getting over challenges (this is the easiest stage of the system)

2 - Making Money Stage

When you actually start seeing real paper money as a result of following “Millionaires By George”. By Step 15 you’re at $163, which turns into $1,310 by Step 18…By this time you are dealing with real money, and investing it into efforts that teach real life financial skills.

3 - The Home Stretch

This is the part of this program where financial freedom is in sight. By now you will have the commitment, skills and experience to tackle the next 8 Steps. At Step 23, you’re already at $43,943 – if you make it this far, this system will already be “worth it” in a very real-word sense of the word. If you get “stuck” or have problems completing a step, I’ll be here to help you get “Un-Stuck”.

Each time you  double your money, you will be learning new Skills and developing the habits of healthy financial thinking